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One day,Nobita was stuck in the school again,his teacher not letting him to go(He hadn';t completed his homework).While his teacher had allowed him to go,Nobita rushed to his house,fearing that his mother would scold him.On his way,he found a dog,dirty and hungry after fighting with a dog previous night.Nobita wanted to help it,but he couldn';t.When his mom sent him to bring some things from the market,he had gone there,and while he returned,he spotted the dog again,and Nobita gave him a sausage that he had brought from the market. The dog tried to follow him, but Nobita chased the dog away. He had requested his mom about keeping pets before too, but every time the answer would be "No". Nobita';s mom had lost her purse, and the dog helped her in finding her purse, making her happy. This time, Nobita';s mom allowed him to keep the dog. After Nobita and Doraemon cleaned the dog, they named him Peko. Nobita wanted some adventure, and requested Doraemon for that. Doraemon launched a rocket, and the satellite it had was released. Doraemon used the satellite locator and took pictures mainly from Africa. They have left searching for it, knowing that it would be very difficult to handle too many pictures. Peko was excited to know about it, and after Nobita and his friends have decided to go to that spot, they were wondered to see that wonderful sight. But Gian gave up that adventure when everything went wrong with him there. Next morning, Gian decided to start the adventure again,but this time without Doraemon';s gadgets. They were facing great troubles, and the later discovered that Peko was actually the prince of a place of dogs. He told them the whole story, and Doraemon and hi friends decided to help him. They also discovered that there was a great statue. There was a saying that, "When the world will be covered by darkness, 10 travellers will come and save the palace." Then, when Nobita and his friends saw the destruction of the city with their own eyes, Gian blamed himself for all this, Doraemon and his friends helped Gian to save the city. While they were unable to fight with the evil king of dogs and his army,Shizuka asked the Wish Completing Device to send help for them. Then, other group of Nobita and his friends had arrived, and the saying had become true. The new group battled the evil king and his army, and the old group went in the statue to move the statue';s heart and were able to control it, while Nobita battled with one of the most expert swordsman of the kingdom. They had beaten the evil king,and Peko was able to meet with the princess whom he wanted. Peko thanks Nobita and his friends for helping him, and he was happy to get back his kingdom again.

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